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While browsing eBay I noticed a DIY kit to turn any bike into an 80cc moped. I spent a Friday night and Saturday morning mounting the motor in the frame, which took a lot of grinding and cutting. On Saturday afternoon I added all the ancillary equipment and on Sunday morning remounted the motor and tidied up a bunch of stuff. I didn’t want to upset the neighbours so I pedalled the machine down the street with the motor off. I got to the carpark of the nearby scout hall, fired it up and twisted the throttle! It was fantastic! It worked! It was a useful bike!

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As great as it is, it does have some issues. Being a chopper bike it handles like a bus. The exhaust pipe is designed to fit a normal shaped bike, I wanted to run it along the bottom frame tube but that would’ve required an extra piece of pipe, more time bending and welding etc. So I flipped the exhaust pipe, so instead of going down to the ground it goes straight up! Perfect, except that when riding all of the exhaust flows straight into your face. I can’t tell if I’ve made our entire house and block smell of fuel or just my face.

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max speed 25 km/h
lightweight:just 15.5 kg
Short charging time-only 2-3 hours
SHIMANO 18 Speed gear with derailleur
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